Property Management

NV property provides exceptional residential property services to our clients. You can always be assured that your property is well looked after once the tenancy has started. Our aim is to deliver personal approach to every client and every property.

Why choose NV property management service?

  • We help with a number of services that sometimes are very time consuming for our clients. We organise all necessary repairs, renew gas and electrical certificates, organise check-in and check-out of the tenant, organise inventories, collect all the bills and ensure that they are always paid on time by both landlord and tenant. We organise all necessary purchases of furniture and furniture removals. We operate the storage if necessary and provide all other possible services that could occur during tenancy.
  • We completely take the communication between the landlord and the tenant into our hands, which allows eliminating all emotions from each side during any issues that arise during every tenancy.
  • We provide excellent management in between tenancies. We are very quick to organise (within 1-2 days) all necessary repairs, cleaning, purchase of necessary accessories, so your property always looks in the best possible way on the websites and during the viewings.
  • Our uniqueness is that we manage properties that weren’t let by our agency, thus you could be ensured that no matter how many tenants and real estate agencies have changed, you always have a full understanding of the state of your property, your bills are always paid and the property is always presented in an excellent condition.
  • The last but not least to mention is that NV Property has no hidden fees, you pay only what was agreed and our prices are extremely competitive with other real estate agencies.
  • Using our property management service you would be paying significantly less, than you are used to, but receive better and a lot more personal service!